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Hallmark Movie Jagoffs

Today’s blog written by Rach!

A choir teacher devoted to composing the perfect Christmas song meets a single dad who happens to be Scott Wolf from the nineties freakin’ Party of Five series. Put a fork in me because Hallmark got me hook line and sinker, just like my mother, cousin and sister-in-law who are often teased about their obsession for getting sucked into the storylines of the Hallmark Channel movies…I stand corrected, the Countdown to Christmas holiday movies.   

This holiday phenom is brilliant. The network snags some decent actors with perfect teeth and great hair to make us all jealous and want to drink hot chocolate and make sugar cookies all day long while taking multiple breaks from our jobs at our “firms.” The best news of all is Santa is real or a happy ending is found by the time the credits roll, and just in time to start a new movie…with perfect snow and someone with a perfect job looking for loveOh, I am in. 

There are Facebook groups, watch parties, fan clubs, etc., all for these movies.  I mean thanks to Mr. Christmas, Bobby Cherry, I am in a group. I wanted to see what it was all about, but since I have been battling a sinus infection for a few days, I finished Meet the Darlings and am ready for this Saturday’s Christmas in Vienna.  Folks, if you aren’t sure when you can catch the newest one, there is a guide.  I am talking 4 a.m. movies, 12 a.m. movies and again the newest premiering on Saturday evenings. 

This is a thing people, and Pittsburghers love it. Last year Cannonsburg made it to the Hallmark Channel and the online publication PennLIVE even created a how to enjoy the Hallmark movie madness guide. So just give in. We need an injection of positivity. 

 The person who created the ongoing A Christmas Story marathon on Christmas Eve is a chump.  We have an entire network of movies starting in November, ya jagoffs! 

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