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The Jagoffery of Turning the Clocks Back

daylight savings time

So another year of this “move the clocks back nonsense” is behind us.  Another fall when people showed up for things early.. with a mask on, of course!

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do we put ourselves through this???

So why are we worried about switching time?  Some say it’s the government and an energy thing, some say it’s a Farmer’s Almanac thing and, quite honestly, most people have no idea and make stuff up!!!

If you’re working at 2am, or 1am or, 1am that JUST WAS 2am 10-seconds ago, do you get more pay? If you’re sleeping, do you really get more sleep or does your body-clock wake you up at 6 instead of 7am?

And then there’s the changing-the-Microwave-Oven-WorkWatch-DressWatch-CarClock-OtherCarClockThatNeedsAPenToStockInTheThingy-TheVariousBatteryOperatedDecorativeWallCocks-routine.  EXHAUSTING! Thank GAWD we have all of the i-thingies and android hickey-dos (tablets, phones, watches) that change automatically!

SIDE NOTE: It absolutely KILLS me when the microwave clock and the oven clock don’t match!

How many work-hours are lost by people sitting on a work zoom last Friday searching the internet and arguing over the “Is it spring FORWARD or Fall BACKWARD?” question!

My vote,  let’s just keep the clocks the same  all year around and, those of you who WANT that precious extra hour of daylight, get your lazy arses out of bed an hour early on your own, Ya Jagoffs!!!

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