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Jagoffs on the Phone at Grocery Checkout

Grocery store jagoffs

Lots of need to be on the phone at the grocery store:

  • Hey, Honey! Did you say 1lb of 93% ground beef or 10lbs?
  • I thought you said the baking powder would be above the sugar! 
  • Why isn’t this place in alphabetical order?
  • Do we get 1% or 2% milk?

All of these predicaments, could have been family catastrophes if it were not for mobile phones. Hmmmm.. but…when you get to the check-out lane, turn OFF the Eminem tunes AND TURN OFF THE FACE TIME!!!!!

Can ya please use both of your hands on getting your @#$!# from the buggy to the belt?  The big sales call can wait. Close the deal after you load your eggs into the trunk. The hi-ya-doin’ call to grammy could have taken place over by the 25-cent-crappy-Mike-and-Ikes-for-a-fake-non-profit machines BEFORE you got into the check-out line.

You’re a grocery shopper yapper… you’ve probably walked around slowing things up all over the store. It’s time to focus! Get off yer phone and empty your cart… Ya Jagoff!

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