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Do We Really Need a Razor with a Heater Bar

Jagoffs Gilette heated razor

Razors… are they benefactors or victims of technology advances?  To be honest, I have no idea.

One blade, two-blades, two-blades with pulling and cut action, a color bar to tell you when it’s time to throw the blade away and get a new one, a straight edge to get the nooks and crannies, a rotating head, a pivoting head to get around jaw angles and maybe even an extra comfortable grip on the handle.

All of that special engineering and now we have a heated bar on the blade to give me a more comfortable shave?  Don’t need it. My face isn’t 5 acres of surface area where warming my skin while shaving will matter and, by the way, it takes me about 3.2 minutes to shave my face … my whiskers and face skin don’t get that cold while I am shaving them.

Thanks for all of the special inventions and engineering tweaks on the razors but, you know what would really be cool to have in a razor? A blade that doesn’t dullll!  How about THAT invention? Seems like it’s been right in front of your engineering eyes since barbers used leeches!

Oh, sure, you wouldn’t be able to sell me very many replacement blades but, I guarantee, just like the super-duper iPhone charging cords I buy…you’ll make bank on me when I forget the super-duper-never-dull-always-sharp razor at a hotel or at a friend’s house.

So, before you put an Alexa chip and I am forced to say “Alexa, shave under my nose!” please just put some brain power into non-dulling blades… Ya Jagoffs!


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