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Driving Jagoffs

Jagoff Drivers In Action.. REAL Video!

Ok.. so last night we went to a special blogger event at Braddock’s American Brasserie.  Seriously, the Braised Short-Rib Pierogies (pictured above) are more addicting than nicotine-laced-dark-chocolate-bacon-flavored-crack!  The best thing is, we got some video footage of Chef Brian telling us how he came up with the pierogi recipe.. then.. we got him to….well, you’ll have to see what he says at the END of the video.


We stumbled across an awesome Honorary Jagoff Catcher.  This guy has a dashboard camera and has caught a bunch of Pittsburgh area drivers in action.   Oh Yeah!  You will want to watch this ENTIRE video.  It will be JUST as addicting as some of Chef Brian’s pierogies.   See if any of these drivers are your friends.


REALLY…. is this outta control or what?  “Dashcam Guy” might be our new favorite person.  He promises to produce a new video every month.  Click HERE to subscribe to his YouTube Channel.  But be assured that WE will keep you up to date on Dashcam Guy’s posts.  (So far, we haven’t seen OURSELVES on any of his videos THANK GOD!)

O.K. now back to the visit to Braddock’s American Brasserie where we stuffed our faces.  Chef Brian was REALLY cool and agreed to give us a shout-out!  Listen to the end:

Haaa… haaaa.. what a GREAT SPORT.. and a GREAT restaurant.  We will work with him on being more emphatic!  In the meantime, go visit Braddock’s THIS WEEK as part of (Pittsburgh Restaurant Week ), get the Braised Short Rib Pierogies and then take time to”thank” Chef Brian for being a waaaay cool  Pittsburgher to play along with us!

And back to you drivers that are NOT using turn signals, turning left from right lanes, turning right from left lanes, going straight from turning lanes, turning from straight-only lanes and running red lights, “Dashcam Guy” is ROLLING, Ya Jagoffs!


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