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Some Jagoff Blessings

YaJagoff Blog and Podcast Anniversary

We have some big stuff to share. We are talking high-level, big time, exciting news. It’s great that John upgraded his firestick to get better clarity for NHL games, and Rach got some new windows just in time for the chilly weather, thanks to the eight-decade expertise of J&D Waterproofing. 

Oh, and the jagoffs are celebrating a fave new sauce for everything, Fathom Pub Sauce, not to mention the celebration of the long-awaited #BYOP (Build Your Own Podcast) episode at Eat N’ Park for #WorldSmileDay. The blog, that started as an anonymous hobby, will hit 10 years of existence thanks to the clever writing of John.  Rachael and her hubs will celebrate 20 years of hockey games, late homework and burnt dinners, better known as marriage, this week! 

Speaking of anniversaries, October marks the 5-year anniversary of John and Rachael meeting.  No celly necessary since there are two versions of the first-ever meeting, but all credit goes to Markowitz Communications, and either an intro at the circus OR Monster Jam rehearsal 

We are proud to maybe unofficially close the Rohrich Automotive #PickUp&GoComedy and music shows, but if weather stays Pittsburgh aaaITE we may have another pop-up music show.  (These performers need our help more than ever!)  Plus, our MVP Santonio Holmes heads to Pittsburgh this weekend to virtually bowl Strikes Against Sickle Cell, and the Jagoff team has been in high gear. (Mega thanks to Colin, Michele, Collin, Dan and Tracy.)  

For fear that this is becoming the Christmas letter catch up that everyone dreads reading after the first paragraph because it is screaming, get to the point, we will leave it at that.  A thank you and proud cliff hanger.  That just means the podcast posts tomorrow from Pinball Perfection and then Wednesday welcomes the BIG news.  Stay tuned, ya jagoffs! 

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