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Jacksonville Jaguars – A New “Real Life Jags” Helmet for Sunday

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Jaguar- a large spotted feline, Panthera onca, of tropical America, having a tawny coat with black rosettes. Also, a luxury vehicle.

In Jacksonville it is a metaphor of false hope in football!  In Pittsburgh replace the letters uar with off! Because all Pittsburgh fans see in regards to the Jaguars is revenge! So let’s get pumped ya jagoffs!

While Pittsburghers would love to create a viral tailgate and wrap jaguar vehicles in black and gold plastic wrap, or better yet wrap the fans in terrible towels; head to toe, all we seek is revenge from these Jacksonville jagoffs.

Ya know 7 letters putting AUR Steelers one step closer to our 7th super bowl win!  So don’t get mad at these jagoffs Stiller fans, let’s get revenge and show the Jacksonville jagoffs what a Pittsburgh tailgate is:

R: Renegade: the song indicative of our Steelers

E: Eloquent slang: “Good luck yinz jagoffs!”

V: Voice your opinion! “Git it done Stillers!”

E: Eloquent slang: “Jaguars going dahn!”

N: Nod: to the beat of Renegade and to Jacksonville Jagoffs… in a pity way of course

G: Gain friends to sing Renegade and recite “Here we go Stillers!”

E: Eloquent slang: “Bye yinz guys!”

Here we go Steelers! Bye yinz Jacksonville Jagoffs