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Driving Jagoffs

Jack La-WRONG-Lane

Photo by Vinny

The picture is kind of the spoiler I guess.  Here’s the text that came with the photo:

This is intersection of Connor Rd and Washington Rd (19) in Mt Lebo.  Guy on left came out of Fresh Market, undoubtedly excited about a fresh purchase.  Not to mention car next to him stopped a little too far up, but oh well.  As you see, I stayed back a bit in case of any collision.  Jagoffs lucky he didn’t get nailed !!!

Yeah… so…. one driver doesn’t know the “Stop Here” line and one clearly thinks they are driving in Australia.  Could this possibly be Steelers head coach Mike “Step over the line” Tomlin driving through Mount Lebanon?

Hey Jack LaLane or, Jack La-WRONG-Lane or Jack La-la-la-la-la-I-can’t-concentrate-on-driving-because-I’m-too-busy-singing-with-headphones-on, paying attention is a great skill to have when driving and, by the looks of things, you’d make a much better bus passenger than a car driver, Ya Jagoff!

Special Thanks to Vinny on Facebook for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher.