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Parking Jagoffs

It’s “Peter Parker” Day!!!!

(If you are new, click HERE for our  Peter Parker definition.)

Does the pair of photos above say something about the reading level of Sheetz customers???  Both signs say “no trucks or SUVs” and, in the meantime, that top photo ain’t no Mini-Cooper tire!

Clearly these two drivers have no clue.. either by not paying attention OR by just not giving a s@#! about the signs. Oh wait, maybe these drivers have a legit excuse to be complete boneheads because they pulled into Sheetz to get their first coffee if the day (you know how some people cannot function without a cup of coffee.)  If that’s the case, it kind of makes us nervous about how these drivers were able to read the traffic signs on the way to Sheetz.

You know, Sheetz has been popular because of their MTO (Made To Order) sandwiches.  You walk in, get on a computer, place your order and, BOOM, within a few minutes your 12 hot dogs with cheese, chopped-not-diced onions, 2 slices of American Cheese, mustard ketchup and mayo and a side of cocktail sauce is ready… then you go pay $1.39 for all of that.

Attention Sheetz customers, we have armed our followers with a Jagoff Parking note (click here to download the note).  In the meantime, supporting literacy in your parts of town might be a new philanthropic concept.

After we saw the above two pics, all we can say is, “Hey Sheetz, with the way your customers seem to know (not know) how to read, we NOW know why every step of ordering our MTO on your in store computer is all PICTURES of things we can order.  If you cannot read before having your morning coffee, do SOMETHING to increase your driving awareness like, get yourself one of those Keurig, Ya Jagoffs!!

Thanks to Twitter Followers Carrie, Damaris and Facebook follower Ben George for being Honorary Jagoff Catchers!!

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