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Parking Jagoffs

It’s a “PeterParkers” Tuesday (From Kentucky)

It kind of looks like one of those, “I have to hurry up and return my Red Box movie so I’ll block everyone else’s way just for a sec while I hurry up and do that but, uh-oh, I ended up seeing another movie that I want so I’ll just be another minute” parking sitches.. (what the cool kids call situations these days.)

But… NOPE!  Here’s the email that came with the pic from Louisville, Kentucky.
Saw this yesterday in Louisville. And immediately thought of you. I sat for five minutes waiting on someone to come out and get their car. But no, someone actually parked that way.
And the cool part, as pointed out by the Jagoffestrator, is that there was a parking spot 5 feet away!  It’s kind of like my kids who put their dirty cereal bowl on the counter….which is 6″ above dishwasher where the bowl SHOULD go!

Hey there Derby-dope… (yeah.. I did that all on my own given the Kentucky thing and all), did ya have to pee, run outta gas, are you a Sargent  of Arms for Weight Watchers that stakes out people who fall off the wagon and run into bakeries?

I hope ya pee with a little better aim then ya park, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Jason Falls, international social media big-wig with a Pittsburgh connection, for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher.

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