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It Only Takes One Truck….


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I have a theory…it only takes one bus or truck to screw up traffic.  And this photo from the West End is a good example.  Someone forgot what a yellow light meant. BTW, we refer to this as a Block-Blocker here.

Now, in all transparency…we don’t know for sure if there was a Jagoff driver in the oncoming lane who maybe pulled up past the “Stop Here” sign making it difficult to make the turn.  But, me thinks, from the message that accompanied this pic on Instagram, that was not the case.

Just like as if he was a soccer mom in an SUV at the Robinson IKEA, this truck driver pulls through the intersection on a yellow light and BOOM… everyone is going absolutely nowhere!

Seriously guy? On your days off, do you also “professionally” drive a landscaping pick-up with a 16-foot trailer that blocks all of the gas pumps during morning rush hour while you go get your coffee and donut?   You have the same tendencies.

What’s better than a jagoff driver?  Someone being there to snap a photo of that Jagoff Driver!!!!  In the old days, I would have gotten REALLY mad at this but, NAY NAY, say me!!!  Now one can just pull out the trusty smart phone and submit a pic to our blog!! (My local pharmacy blood pressure medicine dealer is NOT happy!  He may NOT be able to send his 4th kid to college.)

Here’s a thought… maybe our blog should sponsor all truck trailers with YaJagoff! advertising on the side.  Then, you can always have the freedom to say, “There’s that Jagoff truck!”

Well, Tommy Trucker, aka, I-am-a-professional-driver-And-you-can-tell-because-I-wear-cool-black-leather-driving-gloves, not sure what they taught you in big-rig driving school but we’re prit-TEEEE sure that it didn’t involve blocking intersections during rush hour, Ya Jagoff.

Thanks to @ncrivaro on Instagram for being today’s Jagoff Catcher!