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Is This Possibly A “Dog” Truck?


Southside, Pittsburgh Pensiiiiiil-vain-eye-aye!

What a fantastic #PeterParkers pick.  Blocking the sidewalk and the crosswalk.  Wait, maybe it’s a police officer running the stop light controls?  Nope! Not unless that officer is sitting in the big-honkin’ truck monitoring traffic via the put-your-make-up-on-in-traffic mirror, i.e, the rear view mirror.

Wait! Maybe that’s some dog-owner’s truck and just maybe that back left tire is about to lean up while the truck urinates on the pole.

As an FYI, we assessed the area and there doesn’t seem to be a penis-enlarging spa anywhere in the area so not sure what the driver was doing in the area.  Nice parking and good luck with the implant Ya jagoff!

Thanks to Jimbo15482 on Instagram for being today’s Jagoff Catcher.

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