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Parents That Are Jagoffs

Is the Camel a Jagoff? The Shriners? Oh Wait…

Ok, this one might be a tough swallow.

I get it… you may not like animals in the circus.  You may even hate it.  You may hate the Shriners who continue to push back at the legal the system about using animals in a circus to entertain kids.

Bottom line is.. for now.. the rules are the rules and one of the rules that have been since.. um.. forever…is “Parents: make sure that you keep track of your kids and make sure that they follow whatever rules are the rules until they are old enough to become adults who can change bad rules.”

Here’s the story from KDKA TV:

  • The Shriner’s Circus is in Pittsburgh.
  • The circus had some time, at intermission, where kids could ride the camels. (hang in there because I know if you hate this you are going to judge right now)
  • At some point, a camel started bucking, with riders on it, threw them off and some people got injured and scared. (nothing to poke fun at for sure)

But.. and the big but here is this part of the article, “They were giving camel rides and camels were walking around calmly. And then a kid threw a shovel at the camel’s feet, which startled the camel and it started to buck,” Ruthie Kester, of Latrobe, said.

Oh… wut? A kid ALLEGEDLY threw a shovel? Oh.. that sounds like a kid whose parents or overseeing adult need to be held responsible, huh? This is just like those stories where the kid crawls inside of an arcade game and then a rescue crew has to tear apart the arcade game to get the kid out….. meaning….WERE ARE THE PARENTS when this stuff happens??????

If you have a kid or kids or have over site of a kid or kids in a public place…they don’t need to run free in a restaurant, they don’t need to run under the clothes racks in Target and they CERTAINLY shouldn’t be able to break free from you, at a circus, and be able to GRAB a shovel let alone TOSS a shovel at someone or something.

Parents.. be parents…. YaJagoffs!!

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