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Hotel Lobby Jagoffery

Hotel Jagoffs

Oh my!  The hairy back in the hotel lobby!!

This is the copy that went along with a series of pics on Facebook.

“GAWD!! GAWD!!! GAWD!!! Please DO NOT come down to a hotel lobby at 6:30am without your shirt on!! “

We get it!  You might be passing through a hotel lobby from a pool or beach but, even then, shouldn’t you cover up?  Keep in mind, we’re not making fun of hairy backs! We’re calling out the fact that nobody needs to see this in the hotel lobby!

Listen Harry Back… See what we did there? Let’s have some appreciation for others. Maybe some early-balding men will be mad that you have more hair on your back than they have on their scalp!  Or, maybe someone’s just afraid your hair is gonna fall near one of the comp coffee cups!  Or, maybe just wear some kind of shirt to act as a catcher for all of the skin flakes and curly hairs that are falling off your body as you cruise through the hotel lobby… YaJagoff!!

Thanks to John Rogers for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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