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The Hotel From Hell

When my husband and boys leave for a hockey trip to New Jersey, I repeat the same thing every time. Watch the WaWa spending and no need for milkshakes with meals. But never did I have to say, please don’t incur so many incidental costs that we get slapped with about $150 in fees.

So I look at the online bank account to make sure they are minding their Burgh to Jersey rules, and I see a fee for the ‘Inn’ beyond the “stay per night cost.”  I give it a few days to clear and when it doesn’t I call. Not one, not two, not four or six different representatives could give me an answer as to what the incidentals were, nor could they track down the manager.  She was always due in at 9 and there until about 3, hours I would love to work by the way.  After the first few attempts, I gave her time to have a smoke break, a coffee run and a gab session with pals before I asked to chat again.

Sixth time was a charm.  Was it my greeting, my tone? Perhaps she had to fill her be courteous to Pittsburgh people quota? All of a sudden I didn’t have a list of incidentals to be charged and the fees would be removed.  Oh, one stipulation: a 10 day hold.  So, expect another 412 blog post.  Who was the hotel?  No need to disclose, just be FAIR(field), ya jagoff!

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