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Parking Jagoffs

Hopefully This is Your “Not Bloated” Day of the Week

The quote that came with this #PeterParkers photo was:
That’s me on the left. On the right? That ain’t a Jagoff. That’s an a$$h@le.
Hey Slim-Jim (haaaaa like that one??)…. seriously?  You’re parked soooo close to the car on your right that, if your car was a dog, we’d be throwing cold water on it!  After you parked, were you actually able to reach out your passenger side window and grab the loose change outta the car on the right?

Thanks to your head-up-your-ARSE parking method, unless the driver has their skinny jeans on, with 2 pair of SPANX underneath, has been on a hunger strike for the last 1,201 days and is the new Transformer character named “Hanger,” ain’t NOBODY getting in that car on the right, Ya Jagoff!!!

Thanks to Greg W. for being our Honorary Jagoff #PeterParkers Catcher!