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Holiday Decorations Vandalized

New Sewickley holiday decorations vandalized

Man! What a way to start the holiday season… a bad way! Decorations vandalized.

From KDKA-TV “This is not an ordinary holiday setup. This display is put together every year by the Santillo family and is known throughout Beaver County. This illuminating array of lights and figures not only helps people get into the holiday spirit but also helps raise money for the Women’s Shelter of Beaver County.”

The good thing is, folks around the Santillo family donated time and money to help get the display back up and running. And now it’s time to fire up the neighborhood door bell cam footage and identify those who did this. More than likely, the culprit or culprits are on someone’s video.

OK LG’s, Lighting Grinches….see what we did there? Hoping that WHEN you get caught, you are sentenced to clean up the lights after the season and hoping that your sentence requires it to be done on the coldest, windiest January day.. while you’re in wet swim trunks and bare foot.  And, this part we’re NOT kidding, hopefully when caught, you’re required to spend at last a year volunteering at the Women’s Shelter of Beaver County, so that you can look at those REALLY affected by this, in the eyes… YaJagoffs!

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