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Hockey Fan Jagoffery

Pittsburgh Blog Jagoffs

Seriously.. WHY?  So many of them!

  • Why are you older than ten-years old wearing a hockey helmet and jersey to a Pens game?
  • Why are you you standing behind the live TV production at the camera when you CANNOT see yourself at home?
  • Why are you jaggin’ arahnd like that to Jay Caufield who would crush your little helmet AND your face in one punch if he wasn’t on live TV?
  • Why are you acting worse than every other child in the PPG arena right now?

Because you’ve been quarantined too long and this is your first night out in 2+ years?

No idea but, sure hoping that your kids, wife, parents, family or friends knock the #!$% outta ya when you get home in the name of Jay Caufield, YaJagoff!

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