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Drunk Jagoffs

Hey You Jagoff, Why Don’t You Turn On Your “TAXI” Light?

This story was ALMOST missed.  I heard it on KDKA-TV as I was getting out of the shower, knew it was perfect, but had nothing with which to make a note.  Thankfully I was able to get a memory refresher from the fine folks at KDKA-TV.  To insure that this NEVER happens again,  we have now purchased Crayola Bath Tub markers (64 pack).

So you’ve seen the Sears Optical TV commercial where the lady jumps into a police car mistaking it for a taxi, RIGHT?  (Click the video below to see the commercial if you need a refresher.)

Well, in a “real-life-immitates-TV-commercial” story,  this unamed Indiana County guy, ALLEGEDLY, is drunk and he actually does this – hails an Indiana taxi which turns out to be an unmarked police car!  No word on if the guy tipped the driver OR if the said driver gave the man a nice set of silver-plated wristbands.

Hey “Indiana Doe,” the good news is you didn’t drink and drive.  On the downside, we’re hearing UNFORTUNATE rumors that you were cracking yourself up, in the “taxi,” with all of your “I’m-glad-those-stupid-donut-eaters-didn’t-catch-me” stories, Ya Jagoff!!!

NOTE: BTW, our first thought was, “Rural Indiana has taxis?????”