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Happy New Year & Anniversary, Ya Jagoff!

We have reached one full year of posting jagoffs!  Thanks to all of you, the blog has grown and done some good.  Below is a quick summary of some fav posts.

At the top and the end, is a pic you can save to your computer or smartphone and use just after midnight (or before if you’re one of those Jagoffs that goes to bed early instead of watching the entire show of Dick Clark mumbling through his personal fight for pride vs. the almighty dollar!

Blog Posts:

Our first blog:  The Winter Classic 2011

The Donation Annoucement:  The day we announced our first $1,000 donation from t-shirt sales to Magee Women’s Research Foundation for Ovarian and Breast Cancer

Our first out of state blog post:  A parking Jagoff in Minnesota (from @Rach4Steelers)

Travel Jagoff:  Who’s waiting for WHAT at the baggage claim belt?

Our first Work Jagoff:  The guy that ate all of the hot dogs at work (from John Rogers- Facebook)

Our first Jagoff Hero Post: Guy calls out a Jagoff right in front of us

The 5K Jagoff:  Director of the Steelers 5K

Our very first post of our Saturday Feature from “Quotes On The Bus”:  Rite Aid vs. CVS

Our first Inanimate Jagoff post: From the local gym


In all honestly, this blog is more work than we ever thought.  But, it is also one of the most fun things we’ve ever done!!!  Our goal is to hit 2,000 Twitter followers and 2,500 Facebook followers.. when we do that, we’re gonna have some kind of party.  Make sure you’re on our email list for updates!

Thanks again to everyone who has followed us, passed the links around, submitted post ideas, provided us tech support, moral support and feedback that keeps us from making ourselves look stupider.. oops…. more stupid!

Happy New Year and make sure you click on the New Year message icon and pass it around via text, email or FB  and Twitter share! 


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