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Ashe Wednesday YaJagoff Podcast

Happy Wednesday! Make sure you ash and dashdo good deeds, give things up and eat fish, just for the next 40 days! Yep, it is Ash Wednesday and the kick off of Lent. That’s 40 days of a Christian observance that came really quickly this year. Don’t worry, we are here to break it down in Pittsburgh terms. 

Official definition of Lent:  a period of 40 days that Christians observe from Ash Wednesday to Easter, often marked by giving something up. An example of Lent is the time that you give up something like smoking for 40 days OR complete daily random acts of kindness. 

Since we strive to make the word jag off known as a Pittsburgh term of endearment, we will explain how to embrace Lent! 

    1. Eat more fish. That does not mean you have to go around singing the Dan and Shay hit‘Meatless,that was funny. Part of the observance is fasting and not eating meat, specifically today and for some on Fridays. This means to patron local fish fries and look further at the Primanti‘menu instead of just ordering the original. 
    2. Give up. That does not mean call off of work, school, obligatory activities. Rather, dowithout something that you like to show that you can sacrifice. Eliminating watching old Steeler games by clearing your DVR does not count.
    3. Do something kind.That is a tough one.It does not mean refrain from complete road rage when merging into the left lane while watching the person in front of you make a Pittsburgh left from the right lane.  

Lent is a long term of endearment. It is a good practice of becoming a better person and showing the ability to sacrifice. So good luck giving up your coffee in the morning and alcohol in the evening, or vice versa, or the smoking habit or carb needs, and even those who control their tempers and turn rants into random acts of kindness. Basically, prepare for 40 days of irritable Pittsburghers.  

Oh, and don’t even think about making fun of the ashes on the forehead today, ya jagoff! 

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