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Guest Post – Gamer Fundraiser! A MUST READ!

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Hello there! Let me introduce myself. I am Anthony or “Chachi Says.” You may or may not know who I am already. If you do fantastic! If you don’t not really surprising.

Study’s show I have about ten seconds to get your attention:

Kids, video games, Helping others.

I think that pretty much covers everyone!

So I do a lot around the internet. I’m on Twitter: @ChachiSays or @ChachiPlays I also blog and do a vidcast but none of that is important. Right now what is important is Chachi Plays.

Chachi Plays is an event that I started last year with the help of some friends.  The event is used to raise money to help a children’s organization in the Pittsburgh area. Last year I raised 3,000 dollars which was over our goal of $2400 to help with the Make room for Kids efforts. The basis of the event for so much raised I will play a set time of video games. With the limit being 24 hours straight. (anymore than that would just be crazy).

Well it was super popular and the demand came in to do itagain… SO WE ARE! This year the money is being split between:


The Father Ryan’s Art Center

Both are starting or already have an arts program for underprivileged children.

All it takes is a few Clicks. Go to and make a donation. Any amount is useful. Our Goal this year is $3000. Also if you donate 50 or more you can come down to Toonseum and spend some time playing video games with me! You pick the game! You’ll probably win. Just saying.  The first and last spots are being auctioned off as they are the best. You can bid on playing a fresh me, or loopy me! your choice. auction starts Friday!

So starting the first week of January donations are being accepted. The rest of the details below:


Where: Toonseum!
When: Feb. 10th – 11th. 7 pm to 7pm

Beneficiaries: Toonseum and The Father Ryan Arts Center

Thank you for your time and hopefully you can help us out! Come on! Its for the kids!!!!

OUR NOTE:  Thanks to all of our YaJagoff supporters who continue to help with the breast cancer fundraising.  If you could take a few dollars and put toward this, Chiachi will REALLY? appreciate it…. c’mon.. its for the kids, YA JAGOFF!  (and we mean that in a loving way!)