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Doors Open Pittsburgh Back Stage Pass

Thanks to #DoorsOpenPittsburgh, some icons from the entertainment industry are gonna give some backdoor access to some amazing memories. 

Get ready for some behind the scenes with legendary booking agent Rich Engler, a look back at an amazing venue and my personal favorite behind the scenes with JA. I mean it’s not really called that, but that’s how we are referencing it around here. A trip through Ginchy Stuff with the memories to prove it with Johnny Angel.   

I mean if I can tell you about the time Chuck Berry was eating among all of us and asked for a particular kind of sauce to be passed his way, or I can recollect Chuck from the original Vogues holding my son on stage and singing Special Angel, imagine what stories Johnny Angel has in his treasure trove?!  No pressure, but what do you really have going on? We don’t have major places to be, or drinks to meet over and reminisce. You literally can donate as low as five buckaroonees and go behind the scenes with several Pittsburgh icons learning about amazing Pittsburgh happenings of the past. I will be grabbing an Ahrn City, a Primantis sammich and hanging aht watching. Hope you join us to watch and learn. By the way, Corona is a jagoff!  #SaveTheStages 

Link to reserve a space

  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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