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Event You Cannot Miss



I have to tell you how honored I am to be invited to this event by CBS Traffic Lady, Bonny Diver, the event organizer.  Her organization Hair Peace Charities helps female cancer patients get wigs and emotional support.

This is even MORE important because my dear friend Liz (one of my best friends in the entire world) is in the middle of her battle.  I was pretty upset when she wouldn’t accept the shaved back hair from me to make a nice shortly cropped wig but…

Instead, I am going to be working with KDKA-AM afternoon news host, Bill Rehkopf, serving up Liz’s favorite munches from Atria’s restaurant, Pot Roast Nachos!!!

Please come out to say “Hi” it’s a blast and I am humbled by Bonny’s invitation and the ability to support my friend Liz (who plans on being in attendance.)

Don’t know if this will be a good time?  Look at the pics below from last year’s event.  Hope you can make it. Come up and say, ‘Gimme some Pot Roast Nachos please, YaJagoff!”

The Ol' 29er serving up Shrimp Romano.

The Ol’ 29er serving up Shrimp Romano.

Check out the 3 Stanley Cup Rings on Phil Bourque.

The ladies of Star 100.7 FM.. Shelley, Kelly, Elista and Melanie

The ladies of Star 100.7 FM.. Shelley, Kelly, Elista and Melanie

To be honest… I have no idea what  I was doing behind them.

I think it’s my “Hey I’m in a picture, I better do something WHACKY but I really look like an dork” pose!

WPXI's Cara Sapida and Scott

WPXI’s Cara Sapida and Scott

Cara was next to us.  She had made 350 Buffalo Chicken Bite appetizers.  I’m pretty sure I ate 30-40 of ’em.

We met Linda and Susan.  Celebrities in their own right.  They said if I put their picture on the blog, they would read it soooooooooo there ya have it!


Val Porter, WDVE

Val Porter was dishing up this CRAZEEEE good Minestrone soup from Bella Sera in Canonsburg.

Scott Harbauh, WPXI and Christina

Scott Harbaugh, WPXI and Christina

This is Scott Harbaugh in the “Severe Sausage Center.”  No school closings to list.



Finally, Iceburgh!

It got a little odd when he quietly handed me his resume to give to Ernie Ricci, in the event that Ernie hires a Hot Sausage mascot!

Thanks to Bonny Diver and all of the volunteers who did an UNBELIEVABLE job Saturday. Yinz all made everyone feel so welcome.

Hurry, get over to and get your tickets.