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Election Jagoff Post

Well… we were up all night! Not watching the returns but SCANNING the news for some type of election day Jagoffery and, well, our man Dave Bondy, WPXI Reporter, found a great story.

Sure, we could have posted about the people complaining about needing an I.D. vs. no voter I.D., machines going crazy or long lines. etc, etc!! But HELLS no!! We needed something more RIDICULOUS.

Like the WPXI story about a polling place in West View opening up 45-minutes late due to the election judge GETTING LOST!!!!!!!! Here’s a quote from the WPXI story,

“The polling place said they couldn’t find a judge or the judge got lost or some bloody thing,” said Mary Sweeney. “Then she got lost going from the North Side to where she picked up the black box coming here.”

Channel 11’s Dave Bondy spoke to election workers who confirmed the delay.

WHUT??????? The election judge was late? Yeppir. And it wasn’t like there was some kind of major “tree down” or “accident on 28” deal!! The judge got LOST!

And then on Dave Bondy’s Facebook page some followers had good hearts trying to defend the whole being-late-for-getting-lost thing writing things like, “What? you never got lost getting some place for work?

Well of COURSE most of us have gotten lost going to work at some point in our lives BUT it wasn’t when something as huge as this was going down: one of THE most emotional elections in our life time, that takes place ONCE every 4 years where nearly every media outlet was predicting an overwhelming voter turnout!!!!!

Do ya think the judge might have wanted to take a little dry run to the polling place prior to Election Day?? It’s not like he/she didn’t have any advanced notice. We’ve been watching Bull S@#T political ads for 2 years.

Hey Election Judge, since we don’t know your name we’re gonna give you some random initials like…..let’s see.. how about, G.P.S.?

So, Judge GPS, just as an FYI, there is another Presidential Election in 4 years. This is a great time to put a West Penn AAA membership on your Christmas Wish List. That way, you have 3 years and 363 days to order some TRIP TIKS and learn how to get to every potential polling place. Hell, maybe the Apple Map program will even be fixed by then!

Getting a 1,458 day heads up might even give ya enough time to also figure out where the closest WalMart is to each polling place! That way you’ll even know where to go in an emergency, like when the polling place runs out of that nasty, cheap hard tack candy, Ya Jagoff!!!

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