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Driving Jagoffs

Driver of Students or Student Driver??


Every rush hour there are long lines of traffic to sit in.  And every rush hour, there are drivers who believe that THEIR schedule is MORE IMPORTANT than yours –  so they slide up along the line of 30, or so, cars then try to eek in at the front of the line.  (Cute, smiling girls are REALLY good at this!)  Meantime, now BOTH lanes of traffic are backed up with people putting on make-up, shaving and reading the lips of the driver next to them trying to figure out what song their singing to.

So this school van, loaded with kids, DOES this?  Nice “professional driving skills” and a PERFECT display of your company’s “Courteous Driver Policy.”  No “How’s My Driving” sticker on your buggy but a nice big “WL ROENIGK” sign on that thing!

This guy has traffic so tied up behind him that it has to go into the oncoming lane to go around.  

Practice patience my dear toothless, unshaven friend and get in line with everyone else. Either that or go get yourself an EMT certification and do the lights and sirens thing.

If ya would spend less time, after you pick up yer bus in the morning, at the Mickey D’s sipping coffee with yer retired- lottery-playing buddies and get yer ARSE on the road a little earlier you would have time to sit in traffic, huffing, impatiently with the rest of us.  Howzabout saving the unsafe driving for when your in the car with your grandkids,  YA JAGOFF!