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Do You Play If/Then? 

YaJagoff Blog Post

Rach is If/Then-ing today!

Scenario: someone says there are a group of us willing to give you a little something something.  Then you say okay thanks.  Well, sometimes it is not that simple. 

There is a little something I refer to as if/then, which is simple.  The easy explanation is that a scenario is provided, known as the IF, and the response is with the THEN.  Example? IF it was okay to eat anything that you could without weight gain, or tiring of the food, what would it be? Well THEN, bring on the bread of any kind please.  IF you were awarded a thousand dollars, THEN I would be somewhat responsible and see what my kids may need, but then probs buy some new walking shoes and maybe take a day to indulge in my fave coffee and get a facial….something I have never done.  Okay back to the sitch at hand. 

A local school was offered some AC.  Oops, it was something like IF you are melting like an ice cube on a 100-degree day, THEN you accept the offer for air conditioning.  NOPE. Mt. Pleasant School Officials don’t know the IF/THEN game. See TribLive articleUnderstood who know what the in-school attendance scene will look like, but goodness gee if I am a sweaty Betty I cannot concentrate.  I also get the need to prioritize. Maybe other needs are more important, that is smart leadership.  But when a glisten becomes a sweat that is a problem. 

Well, the good news is the IF/THEN scenario is easy to adapt.  Just think about something you really want, could use, wouldn’t mind having and then think bread….it solves everything, ya jagoff! 


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