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Do Trucks Really Need Spiked Wheel-Nuts?

YaJaoff Blog Truck Drivers

This may turn out to be a controversial post but then again, maybe nobody else cares about this.

Getting a picture of these spiked wheel-nut covers has been a bit of an issue but, we finally caught a pic of a set in the their natural elements.. on a big.. big… flammable-fluid hauling truck.

So does a trucker really need to have these on their vehicle? Like, if we happen to hit.. him into me or me into him, isn’t that thing going to tear into my car and tires like a drunk college kid goes thru a Primanti Brothers sandwich around 3:30am, i.e. shrapnel flying everywhere!

With a little bit of research (our empirical research includes Googling the same word or phrase 2 separate times.. on a laptop and on a phone) we found out that the truckers use these to keep other drivers wary of them and to keep some distance. They can kind of be like their own bit of character on their place of work. One of the sites even said these spiked thingies are plastic and will break off of another car runs into them.

First… I don’t know if I believe my empirical research on the who, “they’re plastic” stuff and second, of course those things make other drivers nervous! And so does having a police car behind you at night when you haven’t been drinking!  And THAT certainly screws up your driving… “oh my.. what if I swerve? Two hands on the wheel.. let me keep touching my brakes!”

The bottom line, Spiked Lee, (see what I did there?)… your truck is intimidating (thank goodness I didn’t say your nuts are intimidating and then giggle like a 13-year old) and, just like a 13-year-old, I am going to express my opinion despite having any complete facts or deep knowledge of this topic… I hate those things and I think they should be outlawed. Carrying hazardous material #1203 (which I didn’t Google) and the fact that you have the ability to run right over my car and crush it is MORE then enough reason to keep away from your truck, Ya Jagoffs!

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