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Dishwasher Jagoffery?


Yes… I realize that I should be glad that I have a machine that washes the dishes.  But….I’m also a believer that, if you’re gonna do something, you do it RIGHT.. not halfway…not halfheartedly.

I don’t know what it is about NOT getting the concept that it’s easier to unload the clean silverware if you put like utensils with like utensils.  If all of the spoons are with spoons? You grab them in a handful and drop them into the spoon bin.  You do the same with the forks and knives.  If spoons are mixed with, knives, forks?  Frusssssstration.

Think of the Sesame Street song…

“One of these things is  just like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong.”

Why can’t we figure this stuff out?

I mean, I’m all for desegregation of things but, for dishwasher purposes, spoons go with spoons, knives with knives and forks with forks, Ya Jagoffs!

(Your welcome for the Sesame Street ear worm)