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Dia De Los Muertos  

YaJagoff Dia De Los Muertos  

Written by Rach!

Twenty-seven years ago, I was trapped under a car in a ravine off of Evergreen Road. Lots of crazy details later, when my pockets were emptied, all that was recovered was a cut-out picture of my grandfather.  Eerie? Mysterious? A story to forever be told this time of year? it was the Dia De Los Muertos party at my all girl, Catholic High School the next day.  Fast forward to present day, this amazing thing is a big thing, and not just in the Latin community! 

Día de los Muertos or the “Day of the Dead” is an annual holiday that is celebrated to remember friends and family members who have passed away. During this time, family members visit the gravesites of loved ones to bring favorite foods and decorations of candles and flowers. They sing, dance, eat and tell stories of their deceased loved ones.  

The Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce held the first official Dia De Los Muertos party last year to support tradition, diversity and unity, and is continuing the tradition tonight at 6PM at the Market Street Event Space above the Market Street Grocery. This is not a rebranded Halloween event, but a celebration conscious of the meaning behind this holiday tradition.  

At 9 pm all guests will participate in a complimentary El Jimador toast to honor loved ones who have passed on. Izzazu Salon and Blowout Bar will be on site to design Dia De Los Muertos makeup looks for guests.  

It only took me almost three decades to understand the magnitude and rich tradition.  Check out the details and head over there tonight.  After all, some people did not celebrate random same old Halloween last night, and this event is definitely an upgrade, ya jagoff! 

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