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Baseball Jagoffs

Dealing With Pirates Frustration At Work


There’s no question that the Pirates are providing excitement.  Night-after-night, PNC Park is sold out (EVEN WHEN THERE AREN’T  BOBBLE HEADS AND FIREWORKS) and their TV ratings are shooting through the roof, making all of the sponsors, who purchased air-time before the season, with mediocre expectations, look like geniuses.

And yesterday was almost “Steeler-Sunday” level of excitement, panic and frustration!  As I wrote on Twitter and Facebook during the game,

Today, a bunch of us are huddled around watching/listening for the end of the Pirates game on the edge of our seats.  364 days ago most of us didn’t give a #*%. This is fun.

And it IS fun but the swing of emotions of a 16-inning game, and then coming up on the losing end, brings a fair amount of frustration and utter EXHAUSTION.  So, at the request of Mary Mac of Mary Mac’s Bakehouse (via text) during the 16th inning, this work excuse for today was created.

Feel free to copy and paste it onto a document to turn into your boss if you feel sluggish at work today:


Dear ____________,

Please excuse _______________ from working today. He/She was stress eating/drinking until late yesterday due to the overly exciting, and eventually, depressing, Pirates 16-inning game. ____________ is at work but probably cannot function, so please just let Him/Her alone until its time to go home. He/she will be a better employee tomorrow.

Thank you for your concern and respect.

P.S. If you don’t get sports and how they relate to my daily working abilities, ESPECIALLY as it comes to the Pirates and this season and the near-blind-hope that I have for them which caused me to loose my sensibility and go all-in yesterday and ate and drank my self to oblivion, please take today to get YOURSELF up to speed.

As stated here before, the word Jagoff can be used in a few different ways:

1) Expressing appreciation to someone, with a smile on your face and a hug, you say, “Ya Jagoff!”

2) Expressing being startled, half chuckling you say, “You scared the CRAP outta me, Ya Jagoff!”

3) And then there’s the version venting about someone that has been a jerk, with a scowl on your face, “Ya Jagoff!”

So Buccos… in the essence of definition #2 above, please pull yourselves together soon, Ya Jagoffs!


By the way, check out Mary Mac’s all natural bake mixes by clicking the pic below.


  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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