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Driving Jagoffs

DashCam Guy, 2012 – Part 2 (Watch The Video)

So last week we heard from Dashcam Guy (that’s what we call him.)  We have posted a bunch of videos from him in the past and then he went DARK!  But last week, he sent us two sets of videos highlighting the foibles of Pittsburgh drivers.  Last week was Dashcam Guy, Part 1

Here are some highlights of this week’s video….

1:04 – guy crosses over merge lanes to cut in front

1:51 – Cadillac talking “His half out of the middle” of the road

4:11 – Left turn from Right Lane

5:02 – Right turn from Left Lane during Red Light

6:27 – Lane cutter



Click HERE to subscribe to his YouTube Channel if ya wanna.


And Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook out cuz Dashcam Guy LIVES, Ya Jagoffs!





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