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Contest Jagoffery

Cut Out the Cutesy Words

How many pierogi containers fit in a FIT? Simple.  Catchy.  Cute.  It was our verbiage for having a Rohrich Fit car on site at the Pierogi Festival.  Leaves a lot to figure out, especially when on a ‘rogi high in record heat at Kennywood.  That is my note to self. 

Theory: Place foam containers in a FIT (as if pierogis were inside) and have people guess the amount to win two tickets to a Pens game, a ride to and from courtesy of Rohrich, and 2 lifetime tickets to the Pierogi Festival.  The ‘ol jellybeans in a jar guessing game…SWEET!  Keep the wording simple to see how the ‘what fits into a Rohrich FIT’ campaign works.  I mean how far can we take this?  We have done pizza boxes, now pierogi containers, what is next?  

RESULTS:  Answers like 3,000.  I am no math wizard, but it is impossible.  Turns out, people thought we meant pierogis inside the containers….Nope.    

QUESTIONS like: How many are there now or how many can we actually fit?  Me:  Ummm, no.  Did you stack all of them horizontally?  Me: Wait, does that matter?  Is it a standard FIT?  Me:  Again, does that matter? 

The takeaways were people love a good contest and they want to win.  But, damned if ya do and damned if ya don’t.  Had we posted a board with all of the do’s and don’t’s, disclaimers and directions, peeps would have asked us questions anyway.  But when ya don’t, prepare for every person in the Kennywood surrounding area to have questions and put their literal capes on. 

Note to self, cut the cutesy and next time just state, how many ‘ta go’ containers are in ‘ehre, Ya Jagoff?


If ya wanna find out how many empty pierogi to-go containers were in the Rohrich Honda Fit, head to their Facebook page, Rohrich Honda, a little later today!

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