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The Curse of the Myron Cope Terrible Towel Wins Again

Well, if ya watched the Steelers/Bengals game yesterday OR have seen the news, you’ll know that the Steelers came back from a huge deficient to shatter the Bengal’s playoff dreams.  On top of that, Jeremy Hill got a little cocky about the Bengal’s early lead…. to the point that he tried (but couldn’t) tear a Terrible Towel.  Unsuccessful at tearing it.. he spiked it.  Subsequent to that, the Steelers scored 4 times in a row and ended up … well… you know.

So then social media started spinning up and Jeremy Hill tweeted a “@$@# your towel” kind of message which was eventually deleted.  So he is our Jagoff today?  Nope!

See this quote:

Remember, folks, it is a special towel. Do not disrespect it. You must not do bad things to the sacred, mass-produced, screen-printed cheap piece of cloth.

Kenny Ducey

Haaaaa… make fun of the towel all you want DESPITE it’s very special storied history, young Kenny, but… gotta say, SOMETHING happened in that stadium after Jeremy Hill’s act! I guess, as a sports writer, in your column, you COULD have given some kind of sports-oriented stats, X and O explanations or educated opinions on the Bengal’s lack of discipline and ability to close down a game against Pittsburgh but….you chose a towel story!  Haaa…now YOU have make fun of the towel so good luck with that!  And because of that, you’ll get lots of clicks on your stoooopid article which isn’t even WORTHY of being printed on a cheap piece of cloth, YaJagoff!

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