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Cough/Cold Medicine Packaging

Nobody likes to be sick but.. the other night, I would OF appreciated it if someone could OF come over and disconnected my head from my body so that I wouldn’t have felt like the Washington Capitols’ Tom Wilson hit me at center ice with my head down after taking a 37 step run from the far goal line.

In the meantime, I can’t get the medicine (to make me feel better) open!!!  These damn things are “Brett Keisel Proof”  on a GOOD day and, when I’m sick, I barely have enough energy to press the PREV/CHANNEL button on the remote to flick between Ellen and Price is Right!

Could ya please package medicine in something that opens a little easier – like those crappy Styrofoam take-out containers from Wholey’s so that, when I’m weak, I don’t have to rent the local fire department’s Jaws of Life just to down a few pills??