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Coffee To Go, YaJagoff!

YaJagoff Coffee Pot

Rachael caught a coffee pot in the wild!

I legit drink coffee all day.  I will bookend it and let ya know that 4:45 a.m. is the first cup, and usually an afternoon cup is needed at like 3:30 p.m., and there is often a stop in between. But this week I spied with my jagoff eye a unique place for coffee….well the pot at least.  

So, we have all seen coffee cups and sleeves littering the streets, and the stirrer and stopper things collect on the rims of sidewalks. I have even witnessed the pods outside of suburban garbage bags and cans thanks to the raccoons who push them aside to get to the Mickey D wrappers for meatier contents. But never have I ever seen a coffee pot just chilling on a wall.  I mean I don’t think it was for garbage pick-up and not to be a snooty jagoff, but it was not a Keurig.  Just the small white kinds Kmart used to sell that was more like a four-cupper.  

I cannot decide if there was a couple break-up gone wrong, like no I get the old pot, oops I forgot it on the wall, or if it was a new move-in oops I didn’t really want the old shabby chic pot because who even uses them anymore? Or just a litterbug?  Whatever the scenario, what an eye sore just perched on the wall wire and all.  The pic tells a tale though, it gives new meaning to coffee to go, ya jagoff! 

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