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Clock?? Are We Sure?


This photo submitted along with this write-up submitted by a “Ghost Guest Blogger” from one of those “me and my husband quit our cushy corporate jobs and started a shop in the country” type shop somewhere in Virginia.  But it is indeed real!

Here’s the write up from our “Ghost Guest Blogger:”

I’ve heard that a large portion of Generation Z doesn’t know how to read analog clocks and / or has never used a landline phone. But this ….?!? [actual local “for sale” ad]

Haaa… funny.. I was looking at it going, “Where’s the camera?”  I mean, these days, your phone is a camera, your watch is your phone…it’ very easy to get confused.

Then again.. it could indeed be a clock… look at it’s face!  It’s saying, “OMG it’s Midnight already? My mom’s gonna kill me!”

Good end start to the looooong weekend.  Have a great Labor Day YaJagoffs!


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