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Holiday Jagoffs

Christmas In Crafton

I’ll bet we all have a neighbor that leaves their Christmas lights up just a little too long, right?  Maybe it was even you at one point.

I mean, how long  ya leave yer decorations up IS a social dillemma.   If ya take them down the day after Christmas, yer a grinch – a non-believer!  If ya leave them up after the end of January, yer lazy, an embarrassment to the rest of the posh neighbors.

HOWEVER, if it’s MARCH, and there have been MORE THAN A FEW of those ‘burgh-winter sunny days since January, and yer holiday decorations are still up, yer a …(wait, I have one more thing to say before the big finish).

Let me put it this way:

 The Hartwood Acres’ Project Bundle-up, 3.2 miles of Christmas lights – DOWN.

  The Overly’s Christmas 2.1 Million Christmas lights – DOWN

The Oglebay Resort 3-mile, 125-acre Festival of Lights – DOWN

So, Matt G of the Circle Inn in Crafton, do we need to come there for a CHRISTMAS DECORATION INTERVENTION? Howzabout, ya offer a coupla comp Iron City drafts to some of yer regular patrons and send them outside with some wrenches, screwdrivers, a hammer and a stepladder to take that sign down.  For CRISSAKES yer making the neighborhood look like West Virginia!  If ya don’t, we’re gonna gather up some Jagoff Catchers to come over and repaint that sign to say, “WE HATE THE STEELERS, SIDNEY CROSBY AND PUPPIES, ”  Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to our Jagoff Catcher, Twitter follower @JTLeroyFan for the lead!!!


DISCLAIMER:  Neither our Jagoff Catcher nor Ya Jagoff  Admin supports actually defacing the Circle Inn.  If you do that, you’ll be a REAL JAGOFF.  However, if ya wanna show up there and nicely suggest that they take the sign down cuz ya saw them on, the address is: 34 East Crafton Avenue.

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