Sunday, January 24, 2021

Parking Lot Jagoffs

    Jagoff Parking #PeterParkers

    The First #PeterParkers Pic of 2020

    Hmmmm.....I think my man got a little confused over terms perpendicular and parallel in geometry class! Perhaps they parked before the recent fog lifted at St. John's in Perryopolis. Perhaps...
    YaJagoff Blog

    How in the He** Does This Even Happen?

    Hmmmm... isn't that the best title? What is someone thinking when the pull in.. GET OUT OF THEIR CAR.. and see the angle at which they have parked. If...

    Parking… What Would YOU Do?

    What are we seeing here? If the YaJagoff-estrator isn't helpful, we will explain. Driver on the right, in the I'm-driving-a-big-truck-to-make-up-for-my-other-short-comings truck parked in a Handicap spot without a tag.  Just pulled...