Parking Lot Jagoffs

    This PeterParkers Pic from Jacksonville, I Mean, JAGonsville

    Haaa..what a perfect sky!  And, quite frankly, it's a perfect #PeterParkers pic! Note: What is a #PeterParkers pic? See here for definition. I mean, they kinda pulled perfectly over 4 spots.....

    More Aloha Jagoffery!

    Anyone remember the old "Oh! I must be in the front row!" Miller Lite commercial?  If you don't, of course, we have it for ya (below). Well... seems like THIS...

    Hey Baby What’s Your (Parking) Sign

    Well it ain't nothin' to do with astrology! This parking job… is not accidental like… I-was-kinda-on-my-cell-phone-and-just-lost-track-of-the-lines-but-I-was-only-gonna-be-a-minute-picking-up-some-milk stuff.  This is blatant jagoffery, #PeterParkers. The bottom line, the phrase "I’ll-just-be-a-minute" is the biggest lie ever because...

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