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Parking Jagoffs

#PeterParkers Picked a Peck of Pizza Pic

Today’s Blog, a Guest Blog from the owner of BaldFatGuy Screen Repair.

Have you ever watched “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” The one with Drew Carey – one of the only good things to come from Cleveland (aside from @Spode411.) Yes? Good, now follow me here.

They open the show with the phrase “…where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter… just like ______.” Then they put in some crazy example. My submission to the example list is this “… the points don’t matter. Just like the painted lines in a Pittsburgh area parking lot.” I recently went for pizza at DiCarlo’s in Weirton, WV – the one on Three Springs is the best! As I approached the parking area I saw this person backing out of a spot so I stop and wait for the spot. They backed up about 3 feet and stopped moving. I waited but they didn’t budge. I parked my car 2 spots over and look over to see the driver eating! Directly in front of the door eating pizza so others have to park and walk farther to get to the entrance. All while the rear of their car is sticking out 3 feet into the road… YaJagoff!!!

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