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Canonsburg Holiday Deco Grinch

Post_Canonsburg Holiday Grinch

This blog comes under the heading…. “Don’t you know that there are cameras everywhere these days?”

This is a story seen on KDKA-TV.  A “woman of interest” is seen tearing down the town’s holiday decorations that had just been put up!  You can watch the video HERE.

Now what makes someone do this?  But, even more, what makes someone thin that there aren’t doorbell cameras, stoplight cameras and general security cameras everywhere?  Or even a random person with a smart phone?  Maybe she was opposed to the lights… I mean.. some people like multi-colored lights and some like the plain white lights. Maybe that was it?  Or maybe their like my mom who, if we didn’t weave the lights in and out of the tree, only stringing them around the outside of the tree, made us do it over. Hoping the grinchiest of grinches and grinchy-ness woman gets caught.. and hoping this person doesn’t get near the shelves of Christmas chocolate at the Canonsburg-famous Sarris Candies!

Either way… in Rachael’s terms…WHO DOES THIS ?  Can’t wait to see your mugshot Christmas card… YaJagoff!


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