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Our Bud Needs Some Help


What is up with this guy?

This is Will Reynolds Young.  Organizer of many things good. Smart guy about internet stuff.  (He helps me tons and never threatens to punch me despite my dumb questions.)  You can find out more about him here.

But wait!!  Don’t click there yet.  Click the link below that follows the words “Click this link…”   But read a little more first.

Lindsay of has organized a fundraiser for the Community Human Services Corp. in Pittsburgh.  She is looking to raise $5,000.

What does CHS do?

CHS has several program areas that serve Pittsbughers…

Details comps of Lindsay at

Soooooo our buddy Will, as usual, got involved and is now trying get people on his team. You can be on his team by simply donating a small amount.  If will raises the most money, we will take him for a Bubbas Burger and, two people who donate to his team, will win a chance to eat lunch with him.

OK. Are ya in?  Click this link to donate… whatever you can spare.  Oh, and you can see Will’s REAL picture there too.

Go ahead.. be curious and be generous.  Small increments will make a difference.