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Back to school supplies

The number 3 plus two more numbers following a dollar sign do not usually bother me.  Even $399 because those numbers usually reflect a cart full of groceries.  I rationalize.  A family of five for three meals a day, for about 5 days, is 75 meals, which breaks down to less than $6 per meal.  Fuzzy math but it tricks my mind into a state of calm. 

What is NOT calming is the number 3 and even zeros after it when back-to-school shopping.  When I was in school it was a ‘thing’ in that we went to Phar Mor a few days before school and grabbed three notebooks and maybe some coordinating color folders…oh and for Catholic School attendees we had a soft pencil case that included a pencil, a pen and a red pen.   

There was no need for specific lined paper, specific folder fill-ins with specific holes that specifically line-up with the specific rings on the specific binder that only comes in a few colors at Wal Mart and Target but can be specially ordered through Staples or Amazon.   That is just the high school level craziness.  The middle school is more particular about the tech savvy back-to-schooler with the need to search high and low for the calculator that has specific functions and is specifically portable with a specific case in case dropped and broken.  TI is the preferred option, but please do not ask if the calculator functions are available on the FREE Ipads provided at school…..except for the insurance you pay and protection fee of course.  

The elementary kids don’t need all of the specialized gadgets and have ta’s.  Nope.  They have their pick of colors including pastels, primary colors, and with glitter or unicorns or characters, and that is just for girls.  Then there is the selection of locker trinkets, bookbags and lunch compartments…that is right.  They are not pails or boxes anymore, they are full-blown mini-coolers with extensions and add-ons that do everything but air-fry! These items warrant an entire department.  Not area, not section, department. 

Kudos to the school supply industry, you have my number and it is 378…which is what I spent on BTS supplies.  Yep, you even have call letters, ya jagoffs! 

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