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BTS: Back To School or Braving The Storm?

How abaht back-to-school preparation has become a thing? Kinda like a holiday.

Ok maybe not a holiday, but a process. The teacher sends the class list, the parents receive it, with a few choice words, and it is like a mini Christmas for the kiddos. (John HATES when kids/children are referred to as kiddos.)

Anywho, it starts earlier and earlier in the summer and more items are needed year after year. From specific erasers and folders to brand name specific calculators, you can now add classroom items to the list. The mayhem doesn’t stop at supplies. Kids need new clothing and shoes and backpacks.  Wait, what?

My kids literally started an inventory in their rooms of things needed to effectively start the new school year. The inventory looks like a tornado hit and destroyed. They proclaim it is a checklist, a way to best prepare.  I say clean your room ya jagoff and we will get to WalMart after Labor Day!

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