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Blog Update Today

old computer

If you’re reading this, know that you may not be reading it for long.

The people that know how to do all of the technical stuff will be working on the blog today.  I have know idea why they have my laptop up on a crane like a pinata and are taking swings at it with sledge hammers but, they said it will be worth the downtime and their, $5,091 paid-up-front professional fees (which they said was a 25% of what they normally charge their family and friends).


If for some reason you ARE able to read this.  Make sure you follow our new podcast, YaJagoff! – The Podcast About Pittsburgh either here (like on our mailing list), on Sound Cloud on iTunes under the Pittsburgh Podcast Network.

Also, get ready.. we have a great Christmas video coming up next week!!  Hint:  “He knows if yinz have been Jagoffs!”

Ok…let’s let the technical people do what they do under the hood.  See ya on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!