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Beers… Who Got Beers? Oh… The Police Do!

You know how sometimes you say that someone’s voice doesn’t/does match their face?  How about this guy.. his NAME definitely matches the face!  He was on the run from police in Fayette County after ALLEGEDLY stealing a couple of cars and attempting to steal a third one.  Just by the look on his face, you can just imagine that, to catch him, all the police had to do was walk around yelling… “We have BEERS!  Who needs Beers!” and then old Matty comes jumping up from behind the bushes…”Did you say you had beers? I’ll have one!” Boom… HANDCUFF CITY!

Here’s the story from WPXI if ya wanna read it.

The story gets better in that, the police didn’t have to go yelling out for “beers” to catch ol’ Matty and his coiff.  After wrecking a truck into a house, stealing another car and being shot at when trying to steal a 3rd car…..(wait for it)….he did NOT go into hiding!  He simply headed straight for the local Sheetz because all that work built up a hankering for cheese sticks!!  I have to agree with ya Matty.. those Sheetz SHTICKS are addicting.. and, for the record, so is the popcorn chicken and Asian dipping sauce! But.. ordering cheese sticks with blood on your hands (before you could call it dipping marinara spillage) was a bad move…. but probably not the first bad move you made that day…like.. not washing your hair knowing full well that you were going to steal some cars, get caught and have to get your photo taken….good luck with decision-making classes IN JAIL, Ya Jagoff!