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Be the Term of Endearment Jagoff

Did you know that we beam with pride to be known as the jagoffs? It is a term of endearment!  Well, usually!

To clarify:

  1. We expect a traffic jam with the word jagoff muttered in each of the cars “parked” on 376 West.
  2. We appreciate a high five with a jagoff nearby at a Stillers game.
  3. We equally understand a jagoff blurt out when a Stiller drops a pass.
  4. We encourage a jagoff who has the words ‘Penguins #1’ painted on his chest at a Pens playoff game.
  5. We shake our heads at the jagoffs making the Pittsburgh left.
  6. We put an s on names and words when they don’t need ’em, like Aldi(s)
  7. We recognize that our tongues get lazy and forget the words ‘to be.’
  8. We claim anything and anyone who ever graced our amazing city.
  9. We engage you at the airport with a ‘how ya been, ya jagoff?’ salutation
  10. We do our best to emulate Mr. Rogers; be the doers. We are the neighbors.

Remember to do good, seek good, spread good and be a good neighbor. Get annoyed in traffic and use words like git aht, but be the term of endearment kind of jagoff, ya jagoff!



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