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Bad Parking Trophy for Sure!

Jagoff Blog in Pittsburgh

Here’s the tweet that explains this photo of jagoffery perfectly.

So what happened here?  Someone just happened to be in a hurry.. a hurry that is more important than someone else’s hurry?  Someone on the phone and thought the wheel chair ramps were ramps for their car?

If we found the driver, we’d say, have their punishment be to live in a wheel chair for a day.. but only have a day of eating prunes, fiber bars, and detoxing smoothies… and then, the following day, put them in a wheel chair in the neighborhood and have them figure out how to find a restroom.. but. of course.. we make lotsa roadblocks for them so they understand the struggle of maneuvering through a field of jagoffery! Pay attention to wear you park and stop being so elitist.. YaJagoff!

Thanks to Dave for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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