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Bad FedEx Delivery

Mary Mac FedEx jagoff

From following the blog and podcast, you may already know that Mary Mac, of MaryMac Bakehouse fame, is the nicest person! If you don’t know her, get to know her.

Mary Mac is ALWAYS willing to help ANYONE when they needed it. Like, she would drive a handmade pan of her cinnamon rolls through 121 consecutive Squirrel Hills between the hours of 4 -6pm on a Friday if you said, “Hi Mare! I need a    cinnamon roll and can’t find any good ones.” She might even jump into her car, while you’re on the phone with her, and head south from the New Castle area… depending on her Standing Chimney store-front hours. Along with  her passion for creating positivity, Mary Mac produces her own podcast In the Kitchen, that will help you create full meals.. or even your own vanilla extract.

So, the point is, she’s a super nice person who will do anything for ya!

While we are sure that the FedEx delivery driver may not know how wonderful of a woman Mary is, did they have to leave it ALMOST on the porch?  What if she was incapacitated? Did they just do stop-drop-and-roll in the driveway and kick the package out of the car on the fly?

Well, Mary Mac could not have said it better, “Lame FedEx delivery person strikes again! C’mon man! 4 more feet to the porch, Ya Jagoff!”

As always, thank  you to Mary Mac for being our Honorary Jagoff Cather!


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