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Inanimate Jagoffs

Another “Inanimate” Jagoff…. KIND OF!


My CX6600 printer takes a T044120 black cartridge and the T044220, T044320, T044240 color cartridges.  WHAT?  I’m already confused!


The local Office Depot didn’t have those specific cartridges so I had to revert to that booklet-thingy that hangs on the shelf near the printer cartridges, you know, the on-shelf-cross-reference-of compatible-ink-cartridge-codes-and-FAA-and-IRS-codes-catalogue, that reads like my high school trigonometry book.

Finally, I succumbed to the pressure and asked the manager for help.  Off the top of her head, she said the T044220 could be replaced by the generic BG77G1 or the store brand 8J4-MQ.  Aaaaaaaaaand if I purchase the two-pak of the generic BG77G1 cartridge and sign up for their “cartridge recycling” program, I can get a $50 Best Buy Gift Card.

(Oh LORD!!  How does Best Buy get involved with this? I’m soooooo confused!)

The store manager spewed those numbers and letters so fast, that some older lady, who was there looking for scrapbooking supplies, automatically yelled “BINGO!”

Let’s just be simple, WHY can’t printer cartridges just be called cartidge A, B, C and D… or just call them by name??  It’s the only time in MOST of our lives we will ever use the words Magenta and Cyan but that’s less confusing than A1234B-ZZ, Ya Jagoffs!

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